How to Get Rid of Warts Fast – 9 Ways to Get Rid of Warts

You are wondering how to get rid of warts fast? Then keep on reading. What are warts actually? Warts are small tumors that usually appear on hand or feet and sporadically in other locations. The cause of warts is a viral infection. They are contagious when it gets in contact with the skin of an infected individual.

Warts can also appear by using the towels or personal care items of infected individuals. They can last for a couple of months, even years and they can recur frequently. Personally, I had three warts during my life so far: two in childhood and they just fell by themselves and another one right now. The latter one is there for a couple of years; it doesn’t seem to go away all by itself but it doesn’t bother me much at all as it is situated on the inside part of one of my hand fingers. Nevertheless, if you’re bothered by your wart or warts then we’ve got some of the most frequent wart removal options covered for you in this article.

How To Get Rid Of Warts Fast

1. Get Rid Of Warts Through Salicylic Acid

You can use a topical treatment containing salicylic acid to get rid of warts. This is the best option and most recommended by experts since it had the best cure rate in clinical trials, namely 75%. Salicylic acid heats the wart, destryoing the cells containing the virus and topical treatments containing it can be found over-the-counter (e.g.: Duofilm Liquid Salicylic Acid Wart Remover, castor oil). Make sure you don’t use over-the-counter topical treatments to cure facial or genital warts without expert recommendation as the pain and the side effects can be too much to bear. Also, isolate the treatment area to avoid skin irritation.

2. Get Rid Of Warts Through Other Over The Counter Treatments

There are other over the counter treatments useful in fighting warts. One particular topical treatment contains a mix of dimethyl ether and propane that helps freeze the warts and destroy the infected cells (similar to salicylic acid but instead of heating it freezes). Same alert here: don’t use these on facial and genital warts without an expert recommendation.

3. Get Rid Of Warts Through Duct Tape

Cover the warts inside several layers of duct tape. If that can be done, then just cut some duct tape and apply it over the wart. Let the duct tape sit over the wart for at least a week. You may want to apply salicylic acid or moisturize the wart before putting the duct tape on as it is believed to enhance results. After one week, remove the duct tape and soak the wart in water for about 10 minutes. Then get an emery board and try to remove the dead wart skin. Let it dry over night and start all over again in the morning with a brand new duct tape. Do this for about a month – roughly four times / four weeks – for best results or until the wart is gone completely.

4. Get Rid Of Warts Through Hot Water

Insert your wart into hot water, as hot as you can handle without burning yourself and stay there as long as you can. Then get an emery board and try to peel off the dead skin from the wart. Repeat daily until the wart is gone.

5. Get Rid Of Warts Through The Use Of Garlic

Just like vampires, warts seem to hate garlic. You’ll need to crush some garlic and apply it with a bandage over the wart. Do this daily until your wart will fall, which should take around one week. Make sure you apply garlic only on the wart and not on the healthy skin as it might irritate it. You may try to counter that with petroleum. As a side effect, you’ll stink a bit so make sure you do this in a period with low social interactions (e.g.: during a holiday).

6. Get Rid Of Warts Through Keeping Them Dry

Clean them thoroughly and then apply a bandaid to keep them dry and prevent the infection of other parts of the body. Do that until you get rid of them.

7. Get Rid Of Warts Through Vinegar

You can put some vinegar on a cotton ball and then apply that cotton ball on the wart by covering it with a bandage. Do that daily until the wart is removed.

8. Get Rid Of Warts Through Banana Peels

You can cut a small piece of the inner side of a banana peel and attach it to your wart with the help of a bandage. It appears that the oils inside the banana peel will have a tough fight with the wart until it kills it off. Repeat daily until you get rid of the wart.

9. Get Rid Of Warts Through Aloe Vera

Cut a leaf of Aloe Vera and rub the gel from it on your wart. Repeat daily until the wart will disappear or until you run out of Aloe Vera leafs, in which case you either didn’t have enough leafs left or you need to try another method.

This concludes our article on how to get rid of warts. I hope it has been of help to you. Don’t hesitate to post comments below in case you have used other warts removal options successfully or if you can add to our article in any way.

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