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Do you know a useful solution for something that you can easily outline in several steps? Or do you have useful tips on how to solve a particular problem? Maybe you are an expert on a particular subject or just interested in offering your own advice. Regardless of your level of expertise, we encourage all contributors to share their knowledge and submit their own unique “how to” articles to feature on the site.

Simply send us your article using the contact form. If it’s not a step-by-step solution, then it can also be useful tips if your answer doesn’t necessarily follow a specific chronological order.

Before Submitting Articles

Try to follow the same format that we have outlined in the other articles on the website. It will be easier for us to review and your post will get published much faster. Once you’re happy with your article, send it via the contact form.

Soon after we have reviewed and made any necessary edits to your article, it will eventually be published on Vivid Magazine for public viewing.